Get to know Sophia. The voice of a lady.

The creative force behind this label, the real Sophia, is a true Romanian, a proud yet humble young woman devoted to preserving the values of her upbringing and the identity of her native lands.

Sophia is 33 years old and a singer. Driven by her belief in all things authentic, her respect for traditions and her sense of beauty, Sophia voiced out her passion into items which are bold and contemporary while still truthful to her vintage soul. She has personally overseen all the collection from day one. With care and devotion, she has designed and curated each item as if it were her own.


Sophia33 is a sense of identity. Sophia33 is a state of grace, is the wolf in the wool. But, most importantly, Sophia33 is a confession of love. She began her journey out of passion for folklore, out of respect for pure beauty and the essential values. She continued her quest with the utmost belief that craftsmanship, uniqueness and style should blend together with confidence in a soulful, proud expression of femininity and self-awareness.

Sophia belongs to the lands of Romania. She stands bold and truthful in the face of time. Sophia is the graceful queen of our inner self, the guardian of our inner beauty. It is against this backdrop that we set our efforts to bring to life these wonderful pieces, the uniquely manufactured works of art of old Romanian craftswomen.

traditional motifs

The patterns used in the collection fall under the abstract motifs category; they belong to the geometric style and appeared as a result of an abstracting and generalization process: dot, overlapping lines, parallel lines, square, and rhombus. They are the oldest and the most popular when it comes to Moldavian folk art embroidery ornaments.

Of the symbolical motifs which include representations that refer to an imaginary world, the rhombus motif comes in different versions, and it goes in the area by the name of "the great flower", or "the completed flower".


Remaining true to our traditional values, we have embellished our sweaters with especially designed buttons, 100% wood.
These manually crafted pieces, manufactured in the magical countryside of Moldova, add flavor to our knitted pieces through their bright color details and their uneven shapes.